Quinta do Mouro
Located within touching distance of the walled city of Estremoz, this estate is noted for its beauty, history and nowadays for its excellent wines.

The Quinta do Mouro wines - Quinta do Mouro, Casa de Zagalos and most recently, Vinha do Mouro - stand out in the Alentejo region for their singular quality.

They are without doubt a testament to the producer’s (Miguel Louro) character and tireless devotion to these special vineyards. Add to this a spirit of innovation and experimentation, which has over the past 30 odd years seen Quinta do Mouro wines gain notoriety and recognition throughout Portugal and the World.

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Quinta do Mouro
7100 - 056 Estremoz
Tel.: + 351 268 334 097
Fax: + 351 268 337 585
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